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Can you play Modern Warfare 2019 Alpha on Xbox One and PC?

With PlayStation’s history of exclusive Call of Duty testing periods and first dibs to expansions and DLCs, you might think that Xbox and PC players have to once again suffer. Well, unfortunately, you’d be right, as the sad answer to “Can you play the Modern Warfare 2019 alpha on Xbox One and PC?” is a “No.” And this isn’t one of those occasions where PS4 owners get the Alpha a week earlier, either. The open alpha is a purely PlayStation 4 exclusive that won’t be coming to Xbox One or PC. Thankfully, there is a silver lining here, as non-PS4 players will still get to play the game before launch. Here’s what you need to know.

Modern Warfare 2019 Alpha Xbox One and PC support

Modern Warfare 2019 Alpha on Xbox One

As mentioned in the intro above, Modern Warfare 2019 alpha support for Xbox One and PC is nonexistent, nor are there any plans to bring the open alpha to the non-PS4 consoles. If you really, really want to play in the alpha, you’ll need to source one of the Sony systems.

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If you’re an Xbox One or PC player who isn’t able to borrow a PS4 for the weekend, as the alpha only lasts up until August 25 (excluding any potential unannounced extensions), then waiting is the only option.

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait too long, as the Modern Warfare 2019 open beta Xbox One and PC downloads should become available on September 21, with early access (for those who pre-order or get codes by other means) starting on September 19.

While it’s disappointing that a vast number of gamers can’t experience the Modern Warfare 2019 alpha, it at least means that these players don’t need to deal with the current FPS drop issues and other nasties. These should hopefully be fixed by the time the open beta launches.