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Borderlands Fortnite Event | Fortnite x Mayhem skins, limited time mode, and more

The Borderlands Fortnite event is coming, with the games’ official Twitter accounts confirming the crossover with the “Fortnite x Mayhem” (#FortnitexMayhem) hashtag. What can we expect from the new Fortnite Borderlands 3 event? Well, the Pyscho Bundle allows players to dress up as their favorite madlad, and the Pandora Rift Zone gives Fortnite players a bitesize Borderlands experience. To be able to enjoy the new event, players will first need to download the latest update, which is rolling out to PCPS4Xbox OneiOSAndroid, and Nintendo Switch.

Borderlands Fortnite Skins | Psycho Bundle set

Borderlands Fortnite Event

Borderlands Fortnite skins are coming, with the Psycho Bundle set now available from the Item Store. The teasing began with the official Fortnite Twitter account tweeting out an image containing a Borderlands psycho mask and, what with Borderlands 3 being an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, the crossover then made sense.

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With the Borderlands Fortnite event lasting up until September 10, it’s possible that we’ll see other themed skins made available to purchase. Good options would be the new Vault Hunters — FL4K, Zane, Amara, and Moze — as well as fan-favorite characters like Lilith and Tiny Tina.

Fortnite x Mayhem Pandora Rift Zone

After seeing events like Fortnite John Wick and Fortnite Avengers, anything now seems possible. Developer Epic Games’ next trick is to bring the world of Borderlands to Fortnite, with a Pandora Rift Zone causing part of the battle royale island to turn into an apocalyptic wasteland, complete with stylized black outlines.

Players who venture into the Pandora Rift Zone will regenerate shields. The developer has also teased that there “are some other surprises for [players] to discover as [they] wreak havoc in Pandora.”

As for whether or not a Fortnite x Mayhem limited time mode will be added, that remains to be seen. It’s possible that the developers will implement it with the update expected to release next week. If that is the case, you can expect the official social media accounts to begin rolling out teasers later this week.

What would a Fortnite Borderlands limited time event look like? Well, with Borderlands 3 coming out, a mode that encourages teamwork among four co-op players would be appropriate. Of course, Fortnite Squads already encourages this, so perhaps the “Mayhem” part of the “Fortnite x Mayhem” event name teases that chaos is coming.