WoW Classic Alchemy leveling guide

There are tons of different Professions that players can choose from in WoW ClassicWhile some are better than others, there is one that is considered a favorite by many: Alchemy. This World of Warcraft Profession allows players to create elixirs, potions, flasks, and much more, which will prove to be very beneficial to you throughout your time with the game. There are a handful of different Alchemy levels that players can work their way through to earn even more benefits from their Professions. Our WoW Classic Alchemy leveling guide will tell you everything you need to know.

WoW Classic Alchemy Leveling Guide | What is the Alchemy Profession?

WoW Classic Alchemy Leveling Guide

The Alchemy Profession is one of the more popular primary Professions in World of Warcraft: Classic. Players who have chosen it as one of two of their primary Professions will be able to create a variety of different health items that can be used to increase stats, sell at the auction house, or can be donated to a Guild. There are four different Alchemy ranks — Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan — which can be developed over 300 different levels.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Alchemy Profession is the ability to craft herb based supplies. For that reason, it is commonly paired with the Herbalism secondary Profession, which allows players easy access to a variety of herbs. While it is suggested that Alchemy and Herbalism be paired, it’s not a hard and fast rule if there is a different Profession you’d like to pair it with. However, we will be referring to it as the ideal pair for the WoW Classic Alchemy leveling guide.

WoW Classic Alchemy Leveling Guide | What should I craft?

Players who have chosen to learn the Alchemy Profession (which can also be unlearned), you will be able to craft herbs into a variety of consumables that will provide a handful of stat boosts or can be sold for coin. There are four distinct consumable types that can be crafted with the Alchemy Profession, such as Elixirs, Potions, Flasks, and Transmutes. For the sake of this WoW Classic Alchemy leveling guide, we aren’t going to go over all of the different recipes for each consumable, but below you’ll be able to find a short description of each consumable type.

  • Elixirs – Typically used to increase a player’s secondary stats, lasts for a long time
  • Flasks – Powerful stat boosts that last until the player dies, typically used for raids
  • Potions – Provide a limited, instant boost to players stats or abilities
  • Transmutes – Allows players to turn two materials into one powerful item in a 24 hour period

WoW Classic Alchemy Leveling Guide | How to level up

WoW Classic Alchemy Leveling Guide

To level up your Alchemy Profession in WoW Classic, you’ll need to create Alchemy recipes from your spell book. As you continue making recipes, you’ll find that they change colors, each meaning that you’re closer to leveling up. The ultimate goal is to have a recipe become grey, which means it can’t earn you any more levels upgrades towards your Profession. If you see that the recipe is orange, it means that you have a 100% chance for a level up, so make sure to cash in on that. Further, a yellow color means that you’ll frequently have the chance to level up by crafting the recipe, while a green color means that you have an infrequent chance of leveling up.

If you’re at a beginning level, there are a few consumables that you can craft that will help you level up quickly. Ideally, you should start with any of these four potions:

  • Healing Potion
  • Lesser Healing Potion
  • Lesser Mana Potion
  • Minor Healing Potion

These potions should get you to around Level 155. From there, you’ll need to continue to learn different recipes as you advance through the game. There are a couple of different schools of beliefs for how you should level after you’ve maxed out the potions that are listed above. Ideally, you’ll craft the ones that have more common herbs requirements, allowing you to produce more and level up faster.