WoW Classic First Aid leveling guide

World of Warcraft is full of choices to help make your created character unique from all the others also exploring Azeroth. This includes the Professions you choose to aid you throughout your adventure. First Aid is among one of the most important Professions in World of Warcraft Classic and benefits just about every class, especially those who do not have healing abilities. This WoW Classic First Aid leveling guide will tell you what you need to know to get started.

WoW Classic First Aid Leveling Guide | What is First Aid?

wow classic first aid

First Aid is one of three Secondary Professions — with the others being fishing and cooking — you can learn in World of Warcraft Classic. Unlike Primary Professions like Alchemy, you are not restricted to how many Secondary Professions you can learn. As such, you should learn them all since each one will be provide benefits both during the leveling process and in end game content like raiding.

First Aid allows you to heal yourself and other players with bandages and remove poison debuffs with anti-venom. This is one of the most useful Professions to learn in World of Warcraft Classic, especially for classes like Warriors or Rogues who do not have healing skills.

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WoW Classic First Aid Leveling Guide | What to craft?

To begin your quest as an Apprentice in First Aid, you must find a trainer who can give you the skill. These trainers are found in just about every big city and some smaller towns, like Goldshire (Alliance). The First Aid professions allows you two craft two different types of consumables: Bandages and anti-venom. While there are a variety of different bandages, here is a general description for them, as well as anti-venom:

  • Bandages: Typically made of some sort of fabric, allows the user to heal themselves. You can also use bandages to heal your party members or NPC which is indicated by a channeling effect.
  • Anti-venom: A consumable that allows the user to cure poisons. Typically made from venom sacs looted from venomous creeps.

WoW Classic First Aid Leveling Guide | Leveling your first aid skill

wow classic first aid

Like all skills in World of Warcraft Classic, leveling the First Aid Profession is done by crafting items like bandages and anti-venoms. When you open the First Aid crafting menu, you will notice the Linen Bandage recipe is already there for you, allowing you to start making bandages right at level 1.

You will also notice that the text is colored orange. In a way, this indicates how frequently you will earn skill points. For example, if you’re level 20 in First Aid and have the option to craft Linen Bandages and Heavy Linen Bandages, the latter will garner you more skill points as it requires a higher skill to craft. The orange text crafting options indicate that it is a guarantee you will garner a skill point, while green text crafting options need to be crafted more to garner just one point.

If you are beginning your journey as a First Aid Apprentice, there are a few options that will get you started leveling pretty quickly. This is a pretty easy Profession to level, as long as you save all the Linen Cloth and Wool Cloth you come across as you level. Here is the list of recipes you will be making until you become an expert in First Aid.

  • Linen Bandage
  • Heavy Linen Bandage
  • Wool Bandage
  • Anti-Venom
  • Heavy Wool Bandage

Crafting these items, as long as their text color in the First Aid crafting menu is orange or yellow, will yield skill points. If any of these options turn green, it is recommended to learn the next option available and begin crafting those higher-level options.

These should get you to level 125. Beyond that, you will craft higher level bandages, such as Silk Bandages and Mageweave bandages until you hit level 225. In order to progress from here, you will need to be level 35 to receive the Alliance Trauma/Horde Trauma quest to achieve Artisan First Aid rank.

Once you’ve completed that, it’s more bandage crafting until you hit the max level of 300. It’s not the most glamourous of Professions to learn, but it is certainly one that will aid you tremendously throughout your adventure.