DmC: Devil May Cry – Vergil’s Downfall Xbox360 Cheats


We have an uninvited guest 10 - Defeat a Wisp 

You don't belong here 10 - Defeat an Imprisoner 

Our souls are at odds brother 20 - Complete Vergil's downfall 

I've come to retrieve my power 30 - Acquire all of Vergil's health, Devil trigger and combat upgrades 

I'll try it your way for once 50 - Complete all missions in Vergil's downfall on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank  

I need more power! 20 - Complete Vergil's downfall on Son of Sparda difficulty 

This is the power of Sparda! 40 - Complete Vergil's downfall on Vergil Must Die difficulty 

Now I'm a little motivated! 10 - Complete Vergil's downfall on Heaven or Hell difficulty 

You're not worthy as my opponent 40 - Complete Vergil's downfall on Hell and Hell difficulty 

Might controls everything 20 - Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions in Vergil's downfall (difficulty doesn't matter)

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