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Gears 5 Double XP Weekend and Boost guide

Whatever multiplayer game you’re playing, the feeling of racking up kills and objective captures is made twice as nice with double XP enabled. It provides a good incentive for a game’s community to get together and grind through some levels. Gears 5 double XP would therefore enhance the experience, right? Ranking up twice as fast would earn new rewards more quickly, allowing players to customize their character loadouts in big ways. Here’s what you need to know about Gears 5 double XP weekends and XP boosts.

How to get Gears 5 double XP

Gears 5 Double XP

Developer The Coalition is yet to confirm whether Gears 5 double XP weekends are planned. However, if we’re to look at Gears of War 4 and previous titles, double XP weekends have always been a part of post-launch activities. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that Gears 5 double XP weekends will make an appearance.

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If Gears 5 double XP are announced, then you can expect to hear about 2XP via the official Gears of War social media accounts, or directly through in-game notifications. 

If you’re sad about the lack of double XP weekends, don’t fret, as there is another option. Players are able to purchase double XP “boosters,” which multiply the experience a player earns over a certain length of time. These boosters are one of the ways that The Coalition is monetizing Gears 5 after launch. 

Of course, the ultimate way of earning XP quickly in Gears 5 would be to have a double XP booster during a double XP weekend. That would accelerate you through the ranks like never before, earning experience at four times the normal speed (assuming that it would stack that way). Perhaps that will be a possibility in the future!

We’ll be sure to post about any upcoming double XP weekends and events as we hear more.