Rainbow Six Siege Amaru | How to unlock, stats, ability, and more

As part of the large Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise update, two brand-new Rainbow Six Siege Specialists are on the way. In this guide, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Amaru. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the new Rainbow Six Siege Operator Amaru. Below, you’ll find information regarding how to unlock Amaru, Amaru’s weapons, Amaru’s ability, Amaru’s stats, and the best way to play as Amaru. It’s time to get that notepad out, as this guide is full of useful tips.

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru | How to unlock

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru

If you already own the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 pass, you will receive both Amaru and Goyo as soon as Year 4 Season 3 begins. It appears as though players have already been playing Year 4 Season 3 content thanks to the test servers. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to have been a release date announced for the full release of Operation Ember Rise.

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Test servers usually receive the content a good two or three weeks before the full release of any new Rainbow Six Siege season. Hopefully, we shouldn’t be waiting too long before we can play Operation Ember Rise and get to know our two new Specialists. As stated above, you will receive Amaru in Rainbow Six Siege at no extra cost if you own the Year 4 pass. If you don’t own the pass, however, you will be able to purchase Amaru separately. You will have to wait a further seven days before you can do so following the full release of Ember Rise, mind. You should be able to pick Amaru up for an as-yet-unannounced number of either Renown or R6 Credits (it is assumed she will cost around 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits).

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru | Weapons and Ability

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru

As with each of the Rainbow Six Siege Operators, Amaru comes with her own unique ability and set of unique equipment. Amaru is equipped with the following weapons and gadgets:

  • Primary Weapons:
    • G841 Light Machine Gun
    • SuperNova Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapons:
    • ITA12S Pump-Action Shotgun
    • SMG-11
  • Gadgets:
    • Claymore
    • Stun Grenade

Amaru’s unique ability is the Garra Hook. This useful little grapple hook can be used to get you to high up and far away places on the map with great speed. Simply aim the Garra Hook where you want Amaru to land or clamber through and shoot. Thanks to the Garra Hook, Amaru is the only Operator that can head up through an open hatch rather than only down one. Look out below!

Precise use of the Garra Hook can down enemies, too. Latch the grapple hook onto a window and Amaru will kick through with her powerful Garra Kick technique. This will take down any enemy standing behind the window instantly. There are downsides to the Garra Hook, however. You will be vulnerable to attack when you use it, for example. Other downsides include the fact that you cannot use any weapons while using the Garra Hook, its recovery time after you land, and the fact that other players will be able to hear you using it.

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru | Stats and how to play as Amaru

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru

Amaru is an Attacker Specialist. She comes with both medium Speed and Armor stats. Thanks to her Garra Hook and weapons, however, you will want to use Amaru as a speedy attacker. You can try to be stealthy with the Garra Kick, but other players are likely to hear you coming unless they are in a particularly noisy gunfight.

Amaru is unique in that she can navigate the map quickly thanks to her Garra Hook. You can access areas that will take other Specialists an age to reach in almost an instant. The Garra Hook also allows you to go up through open hatches. This means that other players will need to defend both above and beneath hatches on the map.

We’d recommend using Amaru’s SuperNova Shotgun paired with her SMG-11. With this pair of weapons, we’d argue that you can make the most out of Amaru’s unique ability. Rush into the area with the Garra Hook and take your enemies out quickly with the SuperNova. It is quite possible that Amaru could be something of a game-changer with her Garra Hook.