Rainbow Six Siege Goyo | How to unlock, stats, ability, and more

As we’re hurtling towards the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise release date (today, September 11, 2019), we thought we should tell you everything there is to know about the new Rainbow Six Siege Goyo Specialist. Read on to get the low-down of how to unlock Goyo, Goyo’s weapons, Goyo’s ability, Goyo’s stats, and the best way to play as Goyo. This guide is full of useful tips and information regarding the new South American defender Operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Goyo | How to unlock

Rainbow Six Siege Goyo

Anyone who owns the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 pass will receive Goyo for no extra cost, along with Amaru (check out her guide here). Thankfully, the Y4S3 content, Operation Ember Rise, is out today. You can start playing as Goyo today.

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Unfortunately, if you don’t own the Year 4 pass, you will need to wait seven days before you can buy Goyo. Just as with Amaru, you will need to buy Goyo with either Renown or R6 Credits. Goyo should set you back a hefty 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits. You should be able to buy both Amaru and Goyo from September 18, 2019, if you don’t own the Year 4 pass.

Rainbow Six Siege Goyo | Weapons and Ability

Rainbow Six Siege Goyo

As with each of the Rainbow Six Siege Operators, Goyo comes loaded with his own set of weapons and unique ability. You might well find similarities with other Operators, but Goyo will be different from anyone else thanks to his unique combination of weaponry and gadgets. Goyo is equipped with the following weapons and gadgets:

  • Primary Weapons:
    • Vector .45 ACP Submachine Gun
    • TCSG12 Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapon:
    • P229 Pistol
  • Gadgets:
    • Impact Grenade
    • Nitro Cell

Goyo’s unique ability is the Volcan Shield. Although it sounds like something lifted straight out of Star Trek, the Volcan Shield is far more… explosive. This little beauty explodes when you, or anyone else, shoot it from behind. This obstacle comes packing quite the punch.

What makes the Volcan Shield so useful is that enemies will not realize that it is any different from any other shield that other characters can place down. From the front, it looks nearly the same as any other shield you will come across. On its back, however, is an incendiary bomb. If anyone shoots it, it will explode, dealing massive damage to anyone nearby.

There are many ways in which you can use this new explosive Volcan Shield to your advantage. Stick it in a doorway and hide round the corner. Shoot the Volcan Shield when an enemy gets near. Boom. One enemy down. If you don’t want to play the waiting game, you can simply use the Volcan Shield for some cover when the going gets tough, although this would be risky considering its volatile nature. Be warned, though: Goyo can only place three of these explosive shields down in any round. Only use them when deemed necessary.

Rainbow Six Siege Goyo | Stats and how to play as Goyo

Rainbow Six Siege Goyo

Goyo is a Defender Specialist. He comes with both medium Speed and Armor stats. We’d recommend using Goyo in a wait-and-see style. As stated above, placing his Volcan Shield down in a doorway that you can easily see from behind is a great idea. Make sure you’re hidden, though, as you don’t want a sneaky enemy to appear from behind you and kill you before you can have your fun. If you can shoot the back of your Volcan Shield, you should as soon as you see an enemy approach it. If they aren’t close enough to be killed by the explosion, the lingering flames might do the job.

Remember, though, that the Volcan Shield can take your teammates out, too. Please do not shoot it when your team is around, unless the numbers add up in your favor, of course. Goyo and his explosive shield could provide excellent results depending on your timing and placement. Just be sure to think wisely before you use them all up.