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Control The Foundation (DLC 1) and AWE (DLC 2) Expansions Release Date

505 Games and Remedy Entertainment have announced that Control The Foundation will be the first expansion for their recently released title. Coupled with another DLC addition called Control AWE, these will form the two main story expansions that will continue Jesse Faden’s adventures in the FBC. To find out when the release date for each DLC is, you’ll need to check out this Control The Foundation guide. Don’t leave Jesse hanging, especially in such a labyrinth as The Oldest House.

Control The Foundation (DLC 1)

Control The Foundation

We speculated on what the DLC would be back in April, but we now have official details about what is coming to the game. Kicking things off is the Control The Foundation DLC. This entry will introduce new missions, enemies, and game mechanics that players haven’t encountered before, as well as new locations to play in.

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The Foundation will see Jesse head into a new area known as, well, the Foundation, and set about restoring order to it and The Oldest House. Remedy and 505 Games have confirmed that this DLC will be a full expansion and, as such, will cost a small amount of money to purchase.

We don’t know how much it’ll cost and we don’t yet have a definitive release date. However, there’s new content in the form of a New Game Plus mode coming in December. Remedy and 505 Games will be sticking to the usual three-month period between newly-released content, as the image above shows it’ll be early 2020 before we see this DLC. We suspect, then that it’ll arrive around March 2020.

Control AWE (DLC 2)

Control The Foundation

Next up on the docket is the Control AWE expansion. This will take Jesse into the Investigations Sector of The Oldest House, where the Bureau examined Altered World Events.

Again, this will be an expansion you have to pay for, but we don’t know how much it’ll be either. Remedy and 505 Games have revealed that this expansion will come in mid-2020, so expect it to drop around May or June 2020.

If you own the PS4 Digital Deluxe Edition, you will get these expansions for free, however, so don’t worry about having to stump up more cash for them.