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Borderlands 3 One Punch Man shotgun location

The Borderlands series has a history of including tons of references and Easter eggs, and it appears Borderlands 3 is no different. One such Easter egg is a special One Punch Man shotgun, found on Promethea, which references the famous anime with an NPC of the same name. This guide will cover the Borderlands 3 One Punch Man shotgun location, stats, and other information you need to know in order to find this powerful and referential weapon.

Borderlands 3 | One Punch Man Easter egg location

Borderlands 3 One Punch Man Easter egg location

To find the One Punch Man Easter egg, go to Promethea and enter Lectra City. To get there, use the exit in the very center of the map in the Meridian Metroplex area. When you’re in Lectra City, head over to the marker for a quest called “Proof of Wife” and head down the staircase near the quest giver. Once at the bottom of the stairs, continue down the corridor to your right, killing the enemies and heading up the small staircase on the left to the raised area there. You’ll see a short, L-shaped corridor with a chest on the right and a chain link fence on the left. Enter the area sectioned off by the fence.

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You’ll see a few levers and switches, which you’ll need to use in order to open the door at the end of the corridor. These switches turn the screens near the door on and off, so you’ll need to press them in a certain order. YouTuber Arekkz Gaming found this was possible by interacting with the switches in the following sequence:

  • Press the left-most button.
  • Turn the wheel on the pipe.
  • Pull the lever on the right.
  • Pull the smaller lever on the cabinet on the left.

This should turn on all the screens and open the door, though Arekkz said he had to fiddle with the last lever before this happened. An enemy with a large, robotic arm will then exit the door and try to kill you. Being literally named “One Punch Man,” this enemy can indeed kill you in one punch, so watch out for his wide swings. If your Vault Hunter is near level 21, One Punch Man’s level, you should be able to take him down pretty quickly. Killing One Punch Man has a chance to drop the One Punch Man Easter egg shotgun. Since it’s not 100% guaranteed, you may have to repeat this process a few times.

Borderlands 3 | One Punch Man shotgun stats

Borderlands 3 One Punch Man shotgun stats

The shotgun itself is actually called the “One Pump Chump,” which is less of a reference to One Punch Man as it is a sexual joke — an example of Borderlands’ signature, er, irreverent humor. Case and point, the description of the weapon reads: “I swear, that has never happened before.” Aesthetically, the One Pump Chump is nothing too special, resembling a normal, pump-action shotgun with a foregrip. It’s styled with the Jakobs weapon brand’s usual wooden, Western flair. As such, it doesn’t visually contain any references to the famous anime beyond the name of the NPC who dropped it, though its set of perks and stats do bring to mind Saitama’s ability to kill with a single hit.

The One Pump Chump is a powerful shotgun with a one-round magazine. Its damage percentage can vary, but it always has a special perk that gives it a 50% change to not consume ammo when fired. This means it can potentially keep blasting away for two or more shots, despite its one-round magazine, if the perk triggers multiple times in a row. And since it’s so powerful, these single-shots can potentially kill enemies in only one hit, just like the weapon’s owner’s namesake. The One Pump Chump shotgun requires your Vault Hunter to be level 20 in order to use it.