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Borderlands 3 Porcelain Pipe Bomb Location | Where is the OP Pipe Bomb?

While there are hundreds of different weapons to find and equip in Borderlands 3, some are more powerful than others. Of course, you’ll be wanting to know where to find the best weapons in Borderlands 3. That’s where we come in with this Borderlands 3 Porcelain Pipe Bomb location guide. Read on to discover where you can find the ridiculously powerful Grenade Mod. Not only will you find out the answer to “where is the OP pipe bomb?” question, but we’ll also let you in on how strong the Borderlands 3 Pipe Bomb is.

Borderlands 3 Porcelain Pipe Bomb Location | Where is the OP Pipe Bomb?

Borderlands 3 Porcelain Pipe Bomb location

Before we tell you exactly how powerful the Porcelain Pipe Bomb is in Borderlands 3, we thought we should let you know where to find it. Thankfully, locating this OP Grenade Mod isn’t too difficult. Unfortunately, you will need to have reached Eden-6 in order to unlock it. Once you have unlocked Eden-6, however, the Pipe Bomb shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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Head to a small town location named “Reliance” in Eden-6’s Floodmoor Basin (one of the earliest areas you’ll explore on Eden-6). Accept and complete the “Raiders of the Lost Rock” side-quest that should appear on a Bounty Board. Follow these steps in order to unlock the Pipe Bomb:

  • Head to Reliance within Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6
  • Find the Bounty Board (should be easy enough to spot)
  • Accept and complete the “Raiders of the Lost Rock” side-quest
  • Miles will give you the Porcelain Pipe Bomb Grenade Mod

The quest should be simple enough to complete. Once you own the Borderlands 3 Pipe Bomb, you should definitely use it. It is wickedly OP.

Is the Borderlands 3 Pipe Bomb OP?

Simply put, the Porcelain Pipe Bomb is likely the most OP weapon in the entire Borderlands 3 arsenal. It has impressive damage stats of 4601, with a radius of 585. What makes it so strong, however, is its radiation damage. You’ll find yourself killing all sorts of enemies in one shot and taking out huge bosses with just a couple of Pipe Bomb throws. Unfortunately, it likely won’t be this OP forever. The developers will likely patch the grenade, as nothing should take down bosses in just a few hits.

Don’t believe us how powerful it is? Check out this spoiler-filled YouTube video of it in action, courtesy of Balockay: