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Minecraft | How do Iron Golems spawn? (1.14)

Protecting a village in Minecraft isn’t easy work, especially because the Villagers themselves are defenseless. The Iron Golem will protect them, but crafting one can cost you more than 30 iron bars. Thankfully, there’s a way to get one for free, and our Minecraft How Do Iron Golems Spawn guide has all the details you need to know!

Minecraft | How do Iron Golems spawn? (1.14)

Minecraft How Do Iron Golems Spawn

Villager mechanics had an overhaul, and many of the underlying systems have changed. Previously, the game would check to see how “big” a village was by counting the number of Villagers and other metrics. Now, the game decides when to spawn an Iron Golem based on new criteria.

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If you’ve been to a village in the newer patches, you’ll note that Villagers will gather together at a particular spot in town and seem to talk to one another. This is “gossiping” — they are talking in their own honking language about your reputation and other facts about the world. One of these topics of discussion could be the need for an Iron Golem.

Minecraft | Iron Golem minimum requirements and mechanics (1.14)

Here’s the bit you probably care most about in our Minecraft How do Iron Golems spawn guide: the minimum requirements. This is what you’ll need according to the Minecraft wiki:

  • 5 (or more) Villagers
  • Beds and job slots for the 5+ Villagers
  • Time

The Villager who starts the gossip about needing an Iron Golem must have a profession, have slept recently, and been to their job site block recently. If all of those criteria are met, there is a chance for an iron golem to spawn. Essentially, the minimum villager requirements have been cut in half, probably due to the slightly higher difficulty and greater variety of enemies like Pillagers in the new patch.

The Iron Golem will then have a chance to spawn within a 16-wide by 16-long by 6-high area around the villager who started the gossip. Best of all, larger villages can result in multiple Iron Golems patrolling the area, providing even more security against zombies and other dastardly creatures.