Minecraft school project features pooping digestive system powered by redstone and pistons

Homework is rarely, if ever, anything that even begins to approach the realm of being fun. Not so for one clever young Reddit user, however, who turned to video games when they were tasked with making a model of the digestive system for their science class. The Minecraft school project took an impressive amount of dedication to make but was ultimately worthwhile, netting its creator “full marks” for their inventive take on the project.

It took u/Yonda89 30 hours of hard work, to be exact, though they’re sure to have had plenty of fun in the process. A video of the working digestive system opens with a guide as to which Minecraft blocks represent which elements of the body, with everything from teeth to the small intestine’s villi (which help to absorb digested food) being present and accounted for.

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The digestive journey is depicted in full, with food (in this instance an apple) entering the mouth then traveling right through the body and ultimately falling out of the other end. That’s right, a pooping rectum marks the climactic conclusion to the unlucky apple’s journey, and this uncompromisingly scientific look at the process may have even been what earned Yonda89 top marks. Probably to the amusement of their fellow classmates, too.

As well as a clear understanding of the digestive system, the task likely also helped with developing its creator’s skills in construction and circuitry. That’s the beauty of Minecraft and creatively free-form games of its ilk, which can be used almost to any means and ends, many of which are forces for good. Yes, even when they involve poop.

In more fecal news, earlier this summer a Cities: Skylines player discovered a way to use human waste as a means to power a PC circuit. I don’t think that’s a technology we’ll be adopting at the GameRevolution offices anytime soon, but it’s undoubtedly fascinating nonetheless.