Box art - The Surge 2

Is The Surge 2 open world?

Lots of players like to lose themselves in expansive open worlds, and so it’s only natural that they’d wonder how the structure of Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s science fiction Souls-like sequel might have changed with the introduction of new setting Jericho City. Following the move to an entire futuristic city as the game’s main location, is The Surge 2 open-world?

The Surge 2 open world | Is Jericho City a sandbox setting?

The Surge 2 open world

The Surge 2‘s structure can definitely be described as quasi-open-world in its design. Jericho City is a condensed metropolis that’s fallen into disrepair, serving as an outdoor hub world of sorts that largely connects the game’s more linear interior areas that house the bulk of the main story content and mission objectives.

Players can explore as they see fit, with plenty of enemies to engage in weighty combat skirmishes and tons of hidden items and secret pathways to discover in the process. A lot has been densely packed into Jericho City, which features plenty of verticality and interconnecting shortcuts that make navigating its streets incredibly rewarding despite being small in terms of overall landmass.

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Most commonly for the player’s own good, however, there are both literal and more suggestive gating mechanics in place to stop people from roaming through places they likely aren’t yet equipped for. On the former end of the spectrum, these take the form of locked doorways that require key items to unlock, while the more suggestive walls that the developers have erected take the form of powerful enemies that stand in your way. It’s possible that particularly skilled players could best these units in combat, but most will instead be steamrolled.

In conclusion, if you’ve played a Soulslike game before and are familiar with the rich, looping locations that more often than not make these games exciting to explore, you’ll already know what to expect from Jericho City in The Surge 2.