How to get Nintendo Switch Online for free for 12 months

Last year, Nintendo decided to join the other gaming consoles in creating a paid online service. Dubbed Nintendo Switch Online, the service charges players a low monthly subscription in exchange for online access, as well as a handful of NES games and other titles like Tetris 99. When the service first launched, Nintendo and Twitch Prime teamed up for a deal which allows players to get Nintendo Switch Online for free. Thankfully the deal is still active but is about to expire. Here is how to get Nintendo Switch Online for 12 months at no cost.

Nintendo Switch Online for Free | Nintendo Switch and Twitch Prime

Nintendo Switch Online for free

If you want to redeem a free 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll need to have an active Twitch Prime account. As a reminder, you can get Twitch Prime for free if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. If you aren’t an active subscriber, you can head over to Amazon and sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial.

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Once you’ve got that sorted, you’ll want to connect your Amazon account with Twitch Prime. Thankfully, this process is super simple and can be done in just a few clicks. Simply head over this Amazon Prime page and click the big yellow button to link your Amazon and Twitch Prime accounts.

Now that your accounts are linked, you’ll need to head over to the Nintendo Switch Twitch Prime page to get Nintendo Switch Online for free. As you can see on the page, you’ll be able to claim your free Nintendo Switch Online subscription for three months. Once that is up, you’ll be able to redeem the final nine months of your subscription. However, this deal won’t last forever and is set to expire on September 24, 2019, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to get Nintendo Switch Online for free.