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The Surge 2 | How to open magnetic locks and activate magnetically sealed lifts

As you’ve been exploring the world of Jericho City in The Surge 2 you’ve most likely stumbled across multiple locked doors with sparking control panels and seemingly broken magnetic lifts. If they’ve left you scratching your head about what you might’ve missed or where you might be going wrong, relax, because we’re here to tell you all about The Surge 2 magnetic locks.

The Surge 2 | How to open magnetic locks and activate magnetically sealed lifts

The Surge 2 magnetic locks

In a game where exploration is one of the main joys, it can be a little bit frustrating to have roadblocks erected in your way. You want to keep travelling in one direction, but you’re forced to double back on yourself, often when it feels the most like you’re about to uncover an exciting shortcut or even a new Medbay. Rest assured that this is most often for your own good, and you’ll be able to handle magnetic locks and magnetically sealed lifts in due course.

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After players defeat the imposing Little Johnny boss (Johnny’s anything but little) in Terminal Z of Port Nixon during the main story, one of the victory rewards is the EMP-44 Starfish drone module. This is the key to solving all your problems, as it can be used to fire sticky EMP mines at magnetic locks in order to override them and allow you access to the door or lift that they power.

The item is unmissable, but many of the doorways and lifts that you’ve passed up to this point are not, so hopefully, you’ve been making a mental note of them and won’t have too much backtracking to do in order to see what secrets they’ve been hiding all along.

As a general tip, also make sure that you’re utilizing the EMP-44 Starfish in combat situations, as it can prove incredibly useful in giving you the upper hand against a temporarily immobilized enemy. There’s also a trophy or achievement in it for you.