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How to Fix FIFA 20 PS4 Persona Data Bug

There doesn’t seem to be an end to FIFA 20 related problems. This time, a FIFA 20 PS4 persona data bug is causing headaches for players on Sony’s console. You might have seen that your FIFA points have been redeemed to the wrong account, or had issues with online play. If you have, you’ll want to know how to fix this issue. Thankfully, our FIFA 20 PS4 persona data bug guide has the answers for you. Check it out and see how to resolve this particular problem.

FIFA 20 PS4 Persona Data Bug | FIFA points glitch

FIFA 20 PS4 Persona Data Bug

Before we dive into what the FIFA 20 PS4 persona data bug actually is, let’s see what persona accounts actually are. These are platform-specific usernames that you use to play EA titles. If you have more than one EA account, you’ll need a different persona for each account. This allows you to keep your specific data tied to your account, and similarly for others who use the same platform but a different account.

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That’s what is supposed to happen, anyway, but players have found this hasn’t been the case for FIFA 20. Threads, such as this EA Answers forum one, have emerged online that indicate there are problems with personas.

One user explained that their FIFA points were incorrectly being sent to a different persona’s Ultimate Team rather than theirs. Additionally, they couldn’t see their Virtual Pro on their in-game profile or even access online play.

How to fix FIFA 20 PS4 Persona Data Bug

FIFA 20 PS4 Persona Data Bug

There isn’t an official fix for this issue yet, but EA is aware of the problems facing people on PS4. There is a workaround for it, however, and it has worked for some players.

First, go into “Online Seasons” in Ultimate Team on your primary account. Wait for the error message once you’ve searched for an online match, and then tap the “X” button 20 to 25 times. Back out of “Online Seasons,” go to the game mode you want to play in, and your correct persona data should show. You might have to do this every time you load FIFA 20 up, but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully EA will have a proper fix sooner rather than later.