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The Surge 2 tags and banners | How to leave messages for online players

If you’ve been seeing tons of strange graffiti around Jericho City, some of which is left by fellow online players, and wondering how in the world they’re managing to do so then wonder no more. You might also have seen some player banners lurking in hard-to-reach places, or if people have been doing ther job well enough maybe you haven’t at all, so we’ll also teach you about those in this article on everything you need to know about The Surge 2 tags and banners.

The Surge 2 tags and banners | How to leave messages for online players

The Surge 2 tags and banners

Starting with tags, when you’re following the main story path to reach the giant octopus statue and encounter a friendly NPC warming himself by a fire, you’ll know you’re in the right spot to grab the relevant item. From here, facing towards the octopus and away from the previously mentioned NPC, look for a break in the rail to your righthand side that’ll let you drop down to a lower area.

There’s an enemy down there that you can perform a falling attack on to start out with the advantage, and after they’re dead relocate the ledge you that dropped from and you should see an item pick-up just to the right on the ground. This is the W-101 Spray Can module for your drone, which can be equipped in order for you to spray tags into the environment for other players to see. These consist of up to three symbols and can serve to either help or hinder your fellow players, much like the messaging system seen in Dark Souls. Players can rate your messages as good or bad, as you can theirs, though don’t be too alarmed if you encounter the known graffiti tag glitch in The Surge 2 which causes tags from other players to display as authored by you.

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Now for banners. Returning to the bloke that’s still warming himself in the road by the fire, head up the makeshift ramp beside him and at the top you’ll spot another missable item pick-up. This one is the W-102 Banner drone module, which will allow you to place a holographic recreation of your character in any desired position. The idea, though, is to hide your player banner in devious places that snooping players in their own game worlds are unlikely to find, like behind an object or across a hard-to-jump chasm, for example.

Anybody that manages to touch it will receive 250 Tech Scrap, while after being active for an hour it’ll deactivate and you’ll get a reward of up to 5,000 Tech Scrap that’s proportional to the percentage of players that found and touched it. Early on in the game that’s a significant amount, so be sure to plant them as frequently as possible.