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The Surge 2 Slicing | How to get new weapons and armor

Unlike most other RPGs, item pick-ups in Focus Home Interactive and Deck13’s new sci-fi Souls-like The Surge 2 never pertain to weapons or armor. If you want to kit yourself in new duds or wield a fancy new hammer, you’re first gonna need to take them by force while utilizing the game’s bespoke limb-targeting and slicing systems. Here’s everything you need to know about violently dismembering your enemies in our The Surge 2 weapons and armor guide.

The Surge 2 Slicing | How to get new weapons and armor

First things first, you need to know that by locking on to an opponent (R3) you can then push the right analog stick in different directions to target certain parts of the body. You’re going to want to target parts highlighted in orange, as this indicates that they’re armored, whereas a blue hue conveys limbs that are unarmored. After picking whether the head, torso, arm, or leg armor most takes your fancy, with it highlighted, utilize directional attacks that will make a connection with the relevant limb in order to both weaken it for dismemberment and simultaneously earn enough power to charge a battery cell.

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If you’ve inflicted enough damage and landed enough hits in quick succession to charge a full battery, a button prompt will appear on-screen. When that button is held down, you’ll spend the battery charge to perform a cinematic dismemberment of the targeted limb. This will ultimately reward you with a schematic that allows for crafting of that enemy’s specific piece of armor at any Medbay.

That should have you sorted for protective gear, but what about getting your hands on shiny new weapons? Well, the process is very similar in that you simply target the arm with which an enemy is gripping the pain-inflicting implement that’s causing you envy. It’s also worth noting that in this instance it doesn’t actually matter whether or not the arm is protected by armor, and you also won’t need to craft the weapon — you’ll instead be able to use it right away.