Fortnite player Nick Eh 30 is the fastest growing Twitch streamer for September

[Image Credit: Nick Eh 30 / Instagram]

Fortnite player Nick Eh 30 is taking the world by storm, or at least the streaming world, as he becomes the fastest growing Twitch streamer.

Nicholas “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony recently moved from YouTube to Twitch, hot on the heels of other invaluable transfers, the most notorious one being Ninja trading Twitch for Microsoft’s new streaming platform Mixer.

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Nick Eh 30 is a Canadian/Lebanese Fortnite streamer with a following of over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube, amassed over the course of nearly five years. By late August, he announced the move to Twitch on September 1, where he exclusively broadcasts Fortnite Battle Royale.

Many of Nick Eh 30’s YouTube subscribers are now following him on his new home, turning him the fastest growing Twitch streamer for the month of September. According to TwitchMetrics, Nick Eh 30 amassed over 476,000 followers, quite an achievement for someone who has been streaming on Twitch for less than a month. We’re yet to see if this will be sustainable growth or merely the consequence of his subscriber base shifting to Twitch.

There is no denying that Nick Eh 30 is benefiting from Ninja’s departure to Mixer. Ninja was, by and large, the number one Fortnite streamer, leaving the door open for other streamers such as Bugha, Tfue, or Nickmercs. However, Tfue’s recent decision to take an indefinite break from streaming because he felt “trapped in a negative crawl space” is another event that may have helped boost Nick Eh 30’s figures.

The fiercest competitor that Nick Eh 30 is currently facing is also the unlikeliest. Amouranth, the controversial “Just Chatting” streamer made popular by her wardrobe malfunction and ensuing three-day ban, is now shooting to the top of Twitch. Clearly, there is no such thing as bad publicity, although Twitch’s stance on streamers who allegedly fail to follow the guidelines isn’t always universally accepted.

Nick Eh 30 is the fastest growing Twitch streamer

[Image Credit: Nick Eh 30 / Instagram]