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Do you play against bots in Mario Kart Tour?

You may be wondering what the deal is with Mario Kart Tour bots. There’s some confusion over whether you race against the AI or real people in DeNA’s mobile phone racing title. If you want an answer to “Do you play against bots in Mario Kart Tour?” then we’re here to give you one. You can check out our Mario Kart Tour bots guide to see if you play against other players or if you take on the AI only.

Mario Kart Tour bots | Can I race real people?

Mario Kart Tour bots

Before we look at whether you race against Mario Kart Tour bots or not, let’s explain what they are. For the uninitiated, bots are AI-controlled players that are often found in video games. They’re not as good as real people, so you might find that winning races can be a bit easy for you. That’s even truer if you’re a Mario Kart expert and if you’re playing on easier levels like 50cc.

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As for whether you race bots or real people, right now it’s the former. There’s no PvP action in Mario Kart Tour. That means that you’re only racing AI-controlled players and won’t come across fellow human players. This is despite you seeing player names above other racers. They’re made up and aren’t real people.

This should change when multiplayer comes to the game, though. You’ll be able to add friends and take part in online races against them when this game mode is patched through at a later date. Nintendo and DeNA have failed to give us a definitive release date yet. They’ll be concentrating on fixing any bugs and making sure that everyone has a good time playing the game for now.

Hopefully it won’t be too long for multiplayer and competitive modes to come in though. Beating the AI is fun for a while, but once you’ve completed every cup in every difficulty, it might get very samey.