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Pokemon Go Team Rocket teaser | Who are the new bosses?

Niantic is teasing a trio of new Pokemon Go Team Rocket characters, if we are to believe the clues that the developer is revealing on its official Twitter page. Team Rocket is rather new to Pokemon Go, having first appeared this summer. They brought new Shadow Pokemon with them, corrupting PokeStops, and stealing its items and resources. It looks like the Pokemon Go Team Rocket teaser shows that players are about to face new and stronger characters.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket teaser | Three new foes

Pokemon Go Team Rocket bosses

The Pokemon Go Team Rocket teaser started as Professor Willow recovered files from a corrupted folder. There are three corrupted photos apparently showing two female and one male character from the villainous organization. It’s beyond a shadow of doubt that they are part of Team Rocket, as you can spot the iconic “R” that the characters proudly display on their clothing, and by one of the tweets: “Could these files be left over from Team GO Rocket’s recent take-over?”

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Until now, you could only battle Team Rocket grunts, but these new silhouettes are hinting at more powerful characters, probably Team Rocket bosses that are much more dangerous than the average foes.

These three Team Rocket bosses surely won’t mean the end of this storyline. Many players are wondering what is going on with Giovanni, the infamous leader of the Team Rocket, an enigmatic presence that has a penchant for photobombing pictures. It’s likely that the upcoming bosses will lead up to Giovanni himself further down the road, culminating in a memorable battle.

It’s up to Niantic to tie up the loose ends and reveal who these Pokemon Go Team Rocket bosses are. It shouldn’t be long now, and with all the commotion surrounding the recent Pokemon Go spawn point changes, Niantic needs to run a great event to once again find favor with a significant part of the player base.

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