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Hitman 2 October Roadmap | Halloween mission, new Elusive Target, and more

Despite being almost a year old, Hitman 2 is still receiving new content updates. IO Interactive took to Twitter to announce the Hitman 2 October roadmap, which will feature a special Halloween mission, a new Elusive Target, and a whole lot more. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about what to expect from Hitman 2 during spooky season, so let’s take a look.

Hitman 2 October Roadmap | New Halloween-themed challenges and more

Hitman 2 October Roadmap

The Hitman 2 October roadmap is jam-packed with content, which is showcased in the trailer at the end of this article. Kicking off the October festivities is the Riviera Restoration, a new Escalation Contract, beginning today, October 3. Following that on October 10, the Divine Descendants, another new Escalation Contract will begin.

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The Legacy Elusive Target for October will be the Warlord. That’s right, she is back, and players will have 10 days to end her time on this earth. Things will officially begin to get spooky on October 22, when the Halloween Escalation Contract begins. Unfortunately, IO is keeping the details close to home for now, but has promised that it will be the weirdest and scariest contract in Hitman 2. 

The Legacy Challenge Pack will be available starting on October 22, and will be offering players the chance to unlock the Himmapan Horror, Master Scarecrow, and Master Vampire outfit. Furthermore, players will also be able to unlock Tac-4 S/A Jungle weapon, the Antique Lethal Syringe, and the Modern Sedative Syringe. The final pieces of content dropping on October 22 are two new Legacy Escalation Contracts, The Escalation Illumination and The Yuuma Tenacity.

A second Elusive Target will be coming on October 25 and is known as the Serial Killer. IO isn’t sharing too much information about this but have shared that it will be taking place in Whittleton Creek. Finally, the Uninvited Challenge Pack will be taking place at Hawks Bay and will begin on Halloween, wrapping up the October festivities.