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How to unlock Ghost Recon Breakpoint TCI Patrol 2 Headset

You might not know it, but there’s a Ghost Recon Breakpoint TCI Patrol 2 headset that you can unlock for your playable character. You’ll need to know what side mission to complete to do so, then, as well as where its location is. Luckily for you, we have the answers to all of these queries. If you’d like to earn yourself some new headgear, you’ll have to check out our Ghost Recon Breakpoint TCI Patrol 2 headset guide. It covers all that you’ll need to know, so read on before getting your hands on it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint TCI Patrol 2 Headset | Weapons of Revenge mission

Ghost Recon Breakpoint TCI Patrol 2 Headset

To get your very own Ghost Recon Breakpoint TCI Patrol 2 headset, you’ll need to complete the Weapons of Revenge side quest. To open up this mission, you’ll need to head southeast of Owl Forest in the Good Mountain Province. You’re looking for an area where shooting range targets are on fire in the snow and a dead scientist nearby. Grab the intel from their body and you’ll unlock this side mission.

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From here, you simply have to follow the mission’s guidelines to get the headset. We’ve provided a handy bullet-point list below, however, to tell you exactly what to do.

  • Head to Restricted Area 01. You’ll need to search two checkpoints called Weasel Bravo and Ferret Alpha for intel.
  • Take out the enemies at both locations, and search the nearby buildings for intel. This will tell you that you need to head to the Gold Trail Testing Zone.
  • Head to this area that is northwest of Comfort Highland. Head inside the building with a test center shooting range. You’ll know you’re in the right place if there are red-colored shooting targets and cover areas inside.
  • There are two drones in here that killed the scientist when you found this side mission. Take them out.
  • Head to the laptop in the same room. Interact with it to complete the mission and unlock the headset and some Skell credits.