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Borderlands 3 Wicked Wagon Wheel Location | How to farm

Borderlands 3 is all about the loot. There are hundreds of guns to find, buy, and equip throughout your experience, including the Borderlands 3 Wicked Wagon Wheel. In this Borderlands 3 Wicked Wagon Wheel location guide, we’ll let you in on the location of the Wicked Wagon Wheel pistol. Read on to discover how to get the Wicked Wagon Wheel in Borderlands 3, what its stats are like, and even how to farm the Wicked Wagon Wheel.

Borderlands 3 Wicked Wagon Wheel Location | How to farm

Borderlands 3 Wicked Wagon Wheel

The Wicked Wagon Wheel is a powerful weapon in Borderlands 3. Its powerful, ricocheting bullets should prove especially useful against shielded enemies, at least. You will want to get your hands on it, for sure. Unfortunately, we haven’t discovered a guaranteed way of getting hold of the Wicked Wagon Wheel, which is just one of various prefixed Wagon Wheel pistols. We have, however, found a way that makes farming Wicked Wagon Wheels somewhat likely.

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You can get hold of the Wicked Wagon Wheel from trading in Loot-O-Grams at vendors. There doesn’t appear to be a guarantee that a Wicked Wagon Wheel will drop from a Loot-O-Gram, however. Following the steps outlined below, though, should ensure that you receive a Wicked Wagon Wheel before long.

In order to find the Borderlands 3 Wicked Wagon Wheel location, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Head to Promethea, Skywell-27
  • Go to the far corner of the map, Maliwan Modulars, outside of Station 27
  • Wait for the Dinklebot enemies to spawn (reload into the area if they don’t)
  • Kill Dinklebots and pick up their dropped Loot-O-Grams (you can stack as many as you like, it seems)
  • Head to a Crazy Earl vendor and exchange your Loot-O-Grams

Rinse and repeat these steps and you should, hopefully, get hold of a Wicked Wagon Wheel Pistol. This Legendary Wagon Wheel variant features high damage stats and ricocheting bullets. It’s powerful and tonnes of fun to use.

Image Credit: Apocalypse on YouTube