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Borderlands 3 Turning Xbox Off | How to stop Xbox One shutting down

While some Borderlands 3 bugs can cause mild irritation, the Borderlands 3 turning Xbox off bug is massively infuriating. In this guide, we’ll let you know what may be causing the Borderlands 3 Xbox One shutdowns and how you can try to stop it from happening. While we’re not making any promises, you might well find out how to stop Xbox One shutting down while playing Borderlands 3 down below. Read on to discover if there is a fix for the annoying Borderlands 3 shutting down Xbox One bug or not.

Borderlands 3 Turning Xbox Off | How to stop Xbox One shutting down

Borderlands 3 Turning Xbox Off

As stated above, most other Borderlands 3 bugs seem to fade away to insignificance compared to the bug that seems to force your Xbox One to shut down while playing. Unfortunately, the bug appears to be a widespread one. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the problem, with theories such as overheating and online issues common. All that is clear is that Borderlands 3 is turning Xbox Ones off while people are in co-op play, queuing for COS, and in menus, at least.

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Threads such as this one on the official Borderlands 3 support forums are full of people complaining (with good reason) that Borderlands 3 is shutting down their Xbox. It appears to be affecting just about everyone playing on the Xbox One X, at least. You could be happily playing the game, only for it to crash and turn off your Xbox. It is being disputed whether or not the game is causing Xbox One consoles to overheat, although it has not been confirmed one way or another.

Thankfully, Gearbox and 2K Games is aware of the problem. Thanks to Skilik’s Reddit thread, we know that 2K Games is aware of the issue and is “currently working on a fix.” Unfortunately, there is no “timeline for the fix to be implemented.” While you’re waiting for a fix, we would recommend playing Borderlands 3 in offline single-player only. As per the support forum linked to above, it appears that the turning off issue is largely related to online co-op play. Hopefully, you should be able to play in offline singleplayer without the Borderlands 3 turning Xbox off bug rearing its ugly head.