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Mario Kart Tour Rainbow Road | Release date and details

Mario Kart Tour brought the thrill of racing in the Mushroom Kingdom to mobile devices upon release at the end of September 2019. With tons of different courses to race through, the game can provide hours of kart racing. However, players quickly realized that one notable course was missing from the lineup: Rainbow Road. If you’ve played other games in the series, you’re likely familiar with this course and possibly traumatized. So, we have to ask the question, when is the Mario Kart Tour Rainbow Road release date?

When is the Mario Kart Tour Rainbow Road release date?

If you’ve been itching to burn some rubber on Rainbow Road, then we have some good news for you. Rainbow Road will be coming to Mario Kart Tour on October 9, 2019. Nintendo took to Twitter to announce the addition of Rainbow Road to the games lineup of courses. As you can see in the tweet below, this version of the colorful road will feature rainbow colored tiles, as well as a new driver.

That’s right, Rosalina will also be making her way into Mario Kart Tour on October 9 as well. Nintendo hasn’t revealed everything about her, but did share that she would have her own special ability and kart. This will be the third Tour to come to the game, replacing the New York themed Tour that is currently active.

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There are also a handful of challenges within the game that players can complete to earn extra Stars and unlock new courses. Our Mario Kart Tour game page has information on a lot of the challenges that will help you figure out exactly how to complete them. After all, the more Stars you get, the faster you can unlock the Mario Kart Tour Rainbow Road course.