Fortnite Hulk Skin Bundle Release Date

Fortnite Hulk Skin Release Date and Bundle Item Shop Details

The Fortnite Hulk skin and bundle was one of several collaborations teased during the Chapter 4 Season 1 cinematic trailer but a release date wasn’t announced. Now that the character is confirmed to be getting a Bundle in the Item Shop, here are all of the details about what’s included and when it will be available for purchase.

When is the Fortnite Hulk skin and bundle release date?

The Fortnite Hulk skin and his bundle are reportedly due to be released on the Item Shop at 7 PM ET on December 8. This is according to decrypted data mined by @NotPaloleaks. Epic Games is yet to confirm a release date but the skin was not included in the Battle Pass.

The Chapter 4 Season 1 Hulk Bundle will include the Hulk skin, described as the “monstrous alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner.” The skin will have a Recruit Hulk variant. There will also be a reactive Gamma Chamber Back Bling, Hulk Smash Emote, and the Demolisher Harvesting Tool. The Harvesting Tool can be customized with any non-animated spray.

The collection also includes a Warning: Gamma Rays Spray. It is unknown whether this will be unlocked with the bundle as it is the default Spray displayed on the Demolisher but it is not included in the Bundle image. None of the costs of the cosmetics have been revealed at the time of writing.

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