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Code Vein DLC Release Date | When is the Season Pass content out?

If you’ve been playing the new anime Souls-like game from Bandai Namco — and our review asserts that you should be if not — you might be wondering when you can get your hands on more challenging content. We’ve got you covered with everything currently known about the game’s planned post-launch support and a Code Vein DLC release date.

When can I play the Code Vein DLC?

Code Vein DLC release date

Players that are all-in on the game can already purchase all of its DLC on PC, PS4, and Xbox One by heading to their chosen platform’s digital storefront and downloading the Season Pass for $24.99. This product bundles every piece of future DLC into one package and also offers an exclusive extra in the “Alternate Mia Set.” This set gives in-game companion (and Code Vein cover star) Mia a fetching new pink and white outfit (as pictured).

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Players will gain immediate access to the Alternate Mia Set, however, that’s all that they’ll be able to interact with for the time being. It’s been confirmed that the additional DLC content to come will include “new bosses, weapons, character creation content, and more,” but at what time these new features will materialize is currently unknown.

Though it’s still unclear as to when the new content will drop, the above list illustrates that Bandai Namco pretty much has all the major bases covered and that every Code Vein fan should gain something of worth. With the base game having faced multiple delays in order to be ready for launch, it’s also reasonable to assume that the development team will take all of the necessary time needed to ensure that players are being offered a good value proposition when electing to purchase the DLC.

As we potentially face a long wait, be sure to keep an eye on GameRevolution for more Code Vein DLC details as and when they break.