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How to fish in Fortnite Season 11

Ah, nothing beats relaxing by a lake, fishing up your dinner and watching the world go by, and now, you do exactly this in Fortnite thanks to the brand-new Fortnite Fishing Rod item. In this how to fish in Fortnite Season 11 guide, we’ll let you in on how to go fishing in Fortnite. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to find a Fishing Rod and fish up a Fortnite Flopper for your dinner. Time to catch a little fishy and put it on your dishy, when the boat comes in.

Fortnite Fishing | How to fish in Fortnite Season 11

How to fish in Fortnite Season 11

If you fancy a bit of downtime in Fortnite, the developers have you covered in Season 11. You can kick back, relax, and go for a spot of fishing. Before you can go fishin’, however, you will need to find yourself a Fishing Rod. Luckily, Fishing Rods are easy enough to come by.

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In order to find a Fishing Rod, you can go about it one of two ways. Either search through chests or locate a barrel containing Fishing Rods. We found plenty of barrels by lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Simply destroy these barrels and at least one Fishing Rod will become available to pick up. Once you have a Fishing Rod, actually fishing is easy.

Simply head to any piece of water, take out your Fishing Rod, aim, and fire. You’ll need to wait for the hook to bob down with a splash before you press the fire button (it usually doesn’t take very long). You will find a variety of different useful items in the water this way, including weapons, ammo, healing items, and materials.

How to Fish Fortnite Floppers

There’s at least one special item that you can get hold of by fishing, however. This is the Flopper. This little fish can be eaten in order to revive your health. To catch a Flopper, you will need to find a patch of water that has a circle of ripples above it, with fish swimming around beneath. Simply aim your Fishing Rod there and wait for the hook to bob down enough to cause a splash. You should fish up a Flopper easily like this.

Remember, though, you will be out in the open while fishing and an easy target. You can freely move while waiting to snag your catch and you can pull the hook out of the water at any time, but you will be something of a sitting duck for a couple of seconds, at least.

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