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Fortnite Keybinds Reset to Default Fix (Season 11)

After what felt like forever stuck staring at a black hole, Fortnite Season 11 is here! The transition to Season 11 hasn’t been entirely smooth, however, thanks to the annoying Fortnite keybinds reset bug. That’s right, you may well have noticed already that your set of keybinding options have been reset to default following the introduction of Season 11. It’s annoying, we know. Read on to discover a Fortnite keybinds reset to default fix, however, so you can get back to playing as you always have done.

Fortnite Keybinds Reset to Default Fix (Season 11)

Fortnite keybinds reset

As stated above, you will likely have noticed that your keybinds in Fortnite have been reset to default following the introduction of Season 11. It’s annoying, for sure, especially as you are immediately dropped into a Solos match. Thankfully, there is an easy, if obvious fix. You will need to set your preferred Fortnite keybinding settings again. Unfortunately, that’s all there is to this bug.

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While going into the game’s options and setting your keybinds up again as you like them is a pain, it is the only fix available for this bug. There doesn’t appear to be any point in waiting for Epic Games to go into the game and fix this issue. You’ll have to manually set your keybinds up again, unfortunately. This is coming straight from the horse’s mouth, too. The developers are aware of the issue and simply recommend what we already have.

We understand that this isn’t ideal. You may not remember your preferred keybinding settings in Fortnite. This is especially true if you saved them ages ago. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like an official bug fix is on the way from Epic Games any time soon. You’ll just have to set it all up again however you like it. Just head into the Input and control settings to set up your new keybinding setup.

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