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Fortnite Wrong Achievements Completed Error

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now live after an exciting and almost unbearable Season 10 finale, but the plentiful changes are also carrying a substantial dose of errors. Many players are complaining about the Fortnite wrong achievements completed error, something that is causing a ruckus among the community of the popular battle royale game. Epic Games is already well-informed about the situation, but with all the commotion surrounding the brand-new island and new features, everyone is looking for a solution.

Will I lose my Fortnite Achievements?

Fortnite Wrong Achievements Completed Error Fishing

As any veteran Fortnite player knows very well, this battle royale isn’t just about being the last man standing. There are other entertainment factors to keep you busy, with the relaxing hobby of fishing being one of the latest additions. Because who wouldn’t want to take a break to catch some fish and become a sitting duck, right when everyone is trying to shoot you down?

Fortnite Achievements are something that every player is aiming for, because they just look great on your profile and come with a nice, warm sense of pride and self-importance. Some are extremely easy to earn, while others take quite some effort to unlock, but you’ll surely grow your achievement list in no time if you’re a regular player. There are over 40 achievements to earn, some for things as simple as picking up a common pistol, to more elaborate achievements involving the elimination of 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks.

However, the Fortnite Wrong Achievements Completed Error is getting players concerned, as they are thinking that their efforts are in vain, and they may be forced to repeat everything when Epic Games fixes the problem. However, there is no need to worry, as the studio has stated that it is working on the issue and the correct Achievement progress is being tracked behind the scenes.

This means that you are entirely free to pursue your Achievements without fear of losing progress. A fix should be coming soon anyway, so you can cross this error off your checklist.

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