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Control 1.04 Update Patch Notes | Photo Mode added

A brand new Control update is available to download and install right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can skip to the end of this guide to have a read through the complete list of Control 1.04 update patch notes if you so wish. Alternatively, you can stay with us a little while longer to read through the version 1.04 update highlights. This update finally brings a Control Photo Mode into the game, along with a variety of other fixes.

Control 1.04 Update Highlights

Control 1.04 update

As stated above, the main focus of the 1.04 update to Control is the addition of a Photo Mode. Alongside the exciting addition, you will also find general bug fixes, stability improvements, and more in the patch notes.

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Photo Mode

Control is a handsome game. Without any kind of Photo Mode, you can take some ludicrously pretty screenshots in-game already. This process will be made a lot easier and better thanks to the new Photo Mode, however.

It seems as though the Control Photo Mode has less features than some other games, with just a few options to choose from. The developers explain that “virtual photography” was “in mind” when the Photo Mode was created. As such, it should feel as though you are using a DSLR camera in-game. You can control the following in Photo Mode (accessible via the pause menu):

  • Aperture
  • Camera roll
  • Depth of field
  • Field of view
  • Focus distance


Along with the Photo Mode, several fixes have taken place thanks to the 1.04 update. Remus, for example, should now actually spawn in the NSC Energy Converters area during Side Mission Five. The game shouldn’t crash anymore during combat within the Prime Candidate Program area, either. There are more fixes, too, which you can discover in the full list of patch notes below.

Control 1.04 Update Patch Notes

Read through the complete list of Control 1.04 update patch notes below:


  • Photo Mode added. Accessible via Pause Menu
  • Bug fixes, combat and overall gameplay improvements


  • Improved title stability on all platforms


  • Fixed various issues with text appearance on the screen
  • Fixed multiple issues when incorrect or out of sync subtitles are showed for multiple languages


  • Fixed issue in Side Mission 5 when Remus did not spawn in NSC Energy Converters. (We found him.)
  • Fixed issue when Board Countermeasure: Kill enemies tracked kills incorrectly
  • Fixed multiple issues when Jesse could get stuck in the geometry
  • The game will no longer crash during the combat sequence in the Prime Candidate Program area