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The Last of Us Ellie cosplay guide will make your Halloween complete

Halloween is right around the corner, and Naughty Dog decided to reveal a The Last of Us Ellie cosplay guide to get you in the spirit. With The Last of Us 2 coming early next year and featuring a rebellious and anger-fueled Ellie, this is a great time to get in character. Sadly, Naughty Dog didn’t share a Joel cosplay guide, but who knows if one isn’t coming sometime in the future. One thing is certain though: you’ll need a gruff beard (fake or real) and a worn-out look if you want to cosplay as Joel.

The Last of Us Ellie Cosplay Guide | How to dress up as Ellie

The Last of Us Ellie Cosplay guide clothes

Naughty Dog made The Last of Us Ellie cosplay guide available for download as a PDF. It features high-resolution renders with intricate detail, covering every single aspect that makes Ellie such a strong and charismatic personality in The Last of Us 2. Through 19 pages of illustrations accompanied by their respective descriptions and instructions, you’ll get to turn into the real Ellie, or help someone to achieve their goal of becoming the hot-blooded young adult.

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To channel your inner Ellie, you must start with her overall look, which includes clothing. A pair of faded blue denim jeans should be easy to come by, but in order to make it more realistic they need to show some wear and tear. The undershirt is white but very stained from continuous use, while the faded blue denim work shirt will also show severe signs of use and has frayed short sleeves.

Ellie’s hairstyle shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off, but you’ll need some make-up for the face, something that Naughty Dog sadly failed to suggest. In order to recreate Ellie’s rough look, you’ll have to come up with something to pass off as dirt, as well as washable red paint for the blood splatters and specks.

The rest of the guide covers other aspects of Ellie’s character in detail, from her iconic switchblade to other weapons, including the bow and arrow, machete, and rifle. These accessories are probably easier to find than the tattoo designs that you need, but no one said that you have to be a 100% faithful replica of Ellie. Feel free to interpret some of the details as you see fit; the important thing is that you look like Ellie in the end. Now go find that Joel so that the perfect The Last of Us Halloween cosplay is complete.