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Destiny 2 Every Waking Moment SMG | Withered Plumes location

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep may not have added much loot to the Destiny 2 sandbox, but the Dreambane gear—the exclusive new weapons and armor available through Eris Morn and the Lectern of Enchantment—have still provided an exciting chase for players. With where submachine guns are in the meta as of Shadowkeep’s launch, it’s no wonder players are eager to get their hands on Every Waking Moment, the Dreambane SMG. The Every Waking Moment quest, which requires you to purify the Essence of Obscurity, requires you to complete a number of tasks. We’ll go over the Withered Plumes location and more in this Destiny 2 Every Waking Moment guide.

Destiny 2 | Essence of Obscurity quest guide

Destiny 2 essence of obscurity quest guide

Purifying the Essence of Obscurity at the Lectern of Enchantment requires you to complete activities, earn 50 SMG kills, and find the Wither Plumes weapon part. Completing activities is just a matter of wandering around the Moon, completing patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors until the progress bar fills up. However, the Withered Plumes have a specific location that you probably won’t run into if you’re not looking for it.

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To get there, head to the Hellmouth and head down into the Circle of Bones. The Withered Plumes item is sitting on the ledge of a large pit there. Once you get close, you’ll see a marker on your HUD indicating its location. It’s quite a trek to get there, so check out this video from YouTuber Ninja Pups for a route down to the item.

Destiny 2 | Every Waking Moment rolls

Destiny 2 Every Waking Moment Rolls

Every Waking Moment is a Precision Frame SMG, meaning its rate of fire is a little slower than something like the all-powerful The Recluse, which falls into the energy weapon slot. It can roll with perks like Genesis, which regenerates ammo for hits on enemy shields of the same type; Swashbuckler, which increases damage after melee kills and kills with the weapon; and Demolitionist, which regenerates grenade energy on kills. These perks could make Every Waking Moment a solid option for those looking for a good SMG in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.