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For Honor Fangs of the Otherworld Halloween Event | New game mode, loot, executions

Ubisoft has revealed the For Honor Fangs of the Otherworld Halloween event, which is playable in their multiplayer brawler on PC, PS4, and Xbox One now through November 1, 2019. The event is said to feature “frighteningly spooky” content to tie-in with the current Halloween season, which includes a new game mode, exclusive loot, new executions, and even more.

What’s in the Fangs of the Otherworld For Honor event?

For Honor Fangs of the Otherworld Halloween event

The latest event to adorn one of Ubisoft’s more unique titles, Fangs of the Otherworld most notably introduces the all-new “Spooky Slashers” game mode. This is a limited-time variant of the conventional Dominion match type, where players will need to work cooperatively in order to capture and hold designated zones of the map. In doing so they’ll be granted special boosts that’ll aid in killing strange creatures lurking about the place. Extra caution is required, however, as being slain by an enemy will see them steal this boost away for themselves.

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At the end of matches, Halloween-themed loot will drop at random throughout the entire two-week duration of the event. Utilizing this, players can customize their roster of heroes with unique event items like horrifying outfits, spooky visual effects, and rather worrisome weapons. Additionally, four event-exclusive execution animations have been added to the game.

Players can also opt to team up and earn exclusive rewards by taking part in the temporary Faction Race Order, scheduled to run until November 1. Otherwise, there are Fangs of the Otherworld item bundles that can be purchased in-game for 45,000 Steel per character. These will be available until November 4, offering players the chance to earn as many items as possible throughout the event, then have a little extra time to consider whether they want to splash their cash on the rest.

Fangs of the Otherworld is freely accessible to all For Honor players, so there’s no time like the present to head on out and sink your fangs into this Halloween update.