Bungie responds to Destiny 2 Eververse criticism

After a Reddit post criticizing Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s new Eververse Store system garnered significant attention on the Destiny subreddit, a Bungie community manager gave a brief response, saying the developers are listening to fans’ feedback. The Destiny 2 Eververse criticism stemmed from an increased reliance on Silver-only (premium currency) items sold in the store and a lack of transparency from Bungie about what would later be sold for the in-game Bright Dust currency.

Reddit user u/JPDeathBlade posted a thread about the Eververse Store earlier today, titled “Eververse is broken.” In the post, JPDeathBlade details datamined information about the store. They claimed to have been able to determine which Eververse items would only be sold for Silver and which would be sold for Bright Dust, finding an overlap between some items and not between others (which has also been proven true in-game since Shadowkeep’s launch). None of this is indicated to the player, however. JPDeathBlade argued this causes players to either incorrectly assume that all items sold for Silver will later be sold for Bright Dust or to impulse-buy anything that looks cool, only to find they could have bought it for in-game currency later.

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Bungie Community Manager dmg04 responded to the post later in the day, saying he would communicate with the development team about item rotations, timed exclusives, and Bright Dust-versus-Silver sales. This won’t necessarily mean Bungie will post a full breakdown of which items will be sold for which currency, dmg04 said, but it does mean the team is listening to feedback about the store.

Destiny 2 eververse criticism

While datamining, JPDeathBlade found images for an unknown armor set they assumed was the Festival of the Lost (Halloween) event set, and many fans were upset at the fact that it happened to look a lot like previous Destiny 2 armor sets. Dmg04 also responded to this particularly, saying, “those aren’t right, at all.” Fellow Bungie Community Manager Cozmo23 added to this, saying the images were automatically generated placeholders, put into the files while the final sets were still being worked on. In an edit to their main post, however, JPDeathBlade claimed Bunige’s usual placeholder images are generic, bright-pink icons, so it’s possible (though not likely, given dmg04 and Cozmo23’s comments) that these set icons instead correspond to something else in-game.