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FFXIV 5.1 Update Patch Notes | Nier Automata content

As the All Saints Wake Haloween event currently takes place in-game, Square Enix has laid out the plans on what’s to come next for its MMORPG via Patch 5.1. When sharing a release date and the contents of the upcoming FFXIV 5.1 update, it illustrated that fans still have plenty to look forward to beyond the ongoing seasonal Final Fantasy XIV celebrations.

FFXIV Patch 5.1 release date


The newest Final Fantasy XIV update is scheduled to roll out on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

FFXIV 5.1 update contents


Patch 5.1 is absolutely packed with additional content for players — most notably a new Nier-inspired raid — much of which was revealed by producer and director Naoki Yoshida during a recent livestream.

Here’s what to expect in full:

  • New main scenario quests — These tell the next chapter in the popular Shadowbringers storyline
  • New 24-player alliance raid, “The Copied Factory” —  Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO feature as guest creators in this raid inspired by the acclaimed Nier Automata
  • New Game+ — Replay previously completed content while retailing your current character and level
  • New trial, “Hades (Extreme)” — Battle this fearsome foe in even more challenging fashion
  • New dungeon, “The Grand Cosmos” — Explore a palace built by the Elves, either alongside other players or NPCs
  • New Beast Tribe quests — Visit a new area called Lyhe Mheg, which features a questline said to be filled with pixies
  • Job adjustments — Ninja, samurai, and summoner jobs are set to get comprehensive adjustments, while others will receive smaller changes
  • Crafting and gathering overhaul — Various adjustments will be made to actions and the UI in order to improve the experience
  • New Gold Saucer GATE, “The Slice is Right” — Yojimbo will appear at the Gold Saucer in a mini-game that’ll test both your luck and reflexes

Square also teased a few additions to be made in Patch 5.11, which will follow at a currently unspecified date. It’ll include the “Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard” questline and “The Epic of Alexander” Ultimate difficulty raid, said to challenge even the most skilled players.