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Destiny 2 Desperate Measures | Jotunn exotic quest guide

The Jotunn is one of Destiny 2’s most sought-after exotic weapons, packing a Samus-like charge shot into a powerful Solar energy Fusion Rifle. In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the process to obtain the Jotunn has changed, providing a guaranteed method of getting the weapon rather than hoping for a lucky drop. This Destiny 2 Jotunn quest guide will take you through all the steps of the Jotunn quest line, A Giant’s Might, including how to complete forge ignitions and all known information about the Destiny 2 Desperate Measures bug.

Destiny 2 Desperate Measures quest bugged?

Destiny 2 desperate measures bugged

With the introduction of the new Jotunn quest at Shadowkeep’s launch, some players have reported that the Desperate Measures and other forge quests are bugged. Several different threads on the Bungie Help forums and on the Destiny subreddit said completing legendary weapon frames does not result in any progress for the quests, leaving players as “0/10” frames forged, even after several frame completions. Bungie has said it is aware of this issue and is investigating a solution. Stay tuned to the Bungie Help Twitter account and Bungie’s blog posts for information on fixes, but in the meantime, proceed with caution.

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Destiny 2 A Giant’s Might: Desperate Measures quest steps

Destiny 2 Jotunn image

If you’ve heard tell of the Jotunn’s power but haven’t picked up the A Giant’s Might quest yet, you’ll first need to head to Ada-1 in the Tower. She is located in the westernmost wing of the area. Talk to her, and you’ll see A Giant’s Might at the bottom of her inventory. Note that you must own Forsaken to pick up the quest, so New Light or Shadowkeep-only players won’t be able to grab it.

The quest requires you to get a certain number of Vex kills with fusion rifles, which should be extremely easy to do for Shadowkeep players, since the Vex offensive event provides huge amount of Vex to slay. You’ll be done with this in no time, but the second part of the quest is a bit more complicated. You’ll need to forge 10 legendary weapon frames, which is a pretty lengthy process. We’ll go over each step below.

Step 1: Acquire Ballistics Logs and purchase legendary frames

Destiny 2 ada-1 location tower shot

In order to begin forging legendary frames, you’ll first need to get some Ballistics Log consumables. These can be obtained from Ada-1’s weekly bounties, which require you to do things such as completing a Forge ignition (more on that below) and completing specified numbers of daily Ada-1 bounties. Once you’ve finished these objectives and been rewarded with a Ballistics Log, grab any of Ada-1’s legendary weapon frames.

Note: There are only two weekly Black Armory bounties available, and each only reward enough Ballistics Logs (one) to obtain one weapon frame, so it will take you a minimum of five weeks to complete the Jotunn quest.

Step 2: Complete legendary frame objectives

Destiny 2 ada-1 frames

Once you have a frame, you’ll see in your Quests tab that it requires you to complete certain tasks in order to unlock its next step. These involve objectives such as getting precision kills with the type of weapon that corresponds with your chosen frame. After the initial step is done, you’ll have to collect an item called Radiant Seeds, dropped by enemies on death. By killing bosses and majors, this goes fairly quickly. Finally, you’ll need to return to Ada-1, who will tell you to complete a forge ignition activity.

Step 3: Complete a forge Ignition

Destiny 2 forge location

For the final step of frame forging, you’ll need to enter the forge ignition activity. To do this, select the forge icon in the bottom-left corner of the EDZ destination map. You’ll be matched up with two other Guardians to defeat enemies and charge the forge. Simply complete each wave of combat, picking up the Radiant Battery charges as they drop from downed enemies and throwing them into the floating forge in the center of the area. At the end of the activity, you’ll get a legendary Black Armory weapon of the same type as your chosen frame.

Congratulations, you’ve completed one forge ignition! Repeat this process 10 times over the next few weeks, and you’ll have yourself the all-powerful Jotunn.