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How do I unlock Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Adventures?

There’s a fair bit of confusion surrounding Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Adventures. These extra missions are not spawning in Bungie’s game anymore despite players completing the relevant quests. Ever since the Shadowkeep expansion was released and the game went free-to-play, it appears that the mechanics about how to unlock these missions have changed. If you want to know how to be able to play through Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Adventures, you’ll need our help. Read our guide for more information, Guardian.

Why aren’t Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Adventures spawning?

Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Adventures

As we mentioned, there’s been a change over how you can access Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Adventures. These changes came to pass once the game went free-to-play. If you’ve been trying to unlock them using the old method, the chances are that it work anymore.

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Before Shadowkeep, you could partake in mini-story missions called Adventures. You could unlock these on any planet at any time you wanted. However, Heroic Adventures wasn’t patched into the game until the Curse of Osiris expansion. These could only be activated if you bought this DLC, too, as you needed to complete the DLC’s story quests in order to unlock them.

Since Shadowkeep’s arrival, however, things appear to have changed. Multiple threads have popped up in the game’s subreddit as players look for answers as to why they can’t access Heroic Adventures on Mercury.

Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Adventures

The short answer is that Mercury and Mars no longer offer Heroic Adventures on a consistent basis. Much like other planetary locations, Heroic Adventures will only spawn if a Flashpoint is occurring on these worlds. If you don’t know what Flashpoints are, read on.

  • Flashpoints are public events that occur weekly, and they require you to complete certain tasks in order to achieve rewards.
  • If a Flashpoint doesn’t happen on a certain planet, you can’t activate or take part in Heroic Adventures.
  • Flashpoints change every week as part of the Destiny 2 weekly reset. If Mercury isn’t the Flashpoint for one week, it might be in the next one.
  • Once a Flashpoint comes to Mercury, you’ll be able to unlock Heroic Adventures again.