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Destiny 2 First Crota Team’s Fallen | World’s Grave dead Ghost location

From the Essence items used to forge weapons at the Lectern of Enchantment to the red Unstable Essence orbs and the Jade Rabbit figurines, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is full of mysterious currencies, collectibles, and quests. One such item you’re likely to come across is the Lost Ghost Trace, occasionally found in chests or Helium Filament piles. Once you’ve received a Lost Ghost Trace, you’ll be prompted to return to Eris Morn, who will send you to find the dead ghost of one of her dead comrades. The Destiny 2 First Crota Team’s Fallen quest is one of these, sending you to find the World’s Grave dead Ghost location.

Destiny 2 First Crota Team’s Fallen quest guide

Destiny 2 path to temple map (1)

Once you’ve brought a Lost Ghost Trace to Eris and received the First Crota Team’s Fallen quest, you’ll have to complete the “Dead Ghost located” objective. The quest description lists the dead Ghost as being somewhere in the World’s Grave area, but it doesn’t give any further guidance, which means the quest is especially vague if you’re unfamiliar with the Moon’s locales. Here’s how to get there:

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  • Look for the narrow path shown on the eastern edge of the Anchor of Light area (see the dotted circle in the map above). Follow this path into the Temple of Crota.
  • Continue down through the Temple and into The World’s Grave.
  • Once you reach the circular room with the slanted pillars and the pedestal in the center (where you fought the Nightmare of Omnigul in the Shadowkeep campaign), turn right and go through the coffin-shaped door.
  • At the top of the steps through here, turn left and pass through the doorway. You’ll see the dead Ghost on the left side of this room.

When you pick up the Ghost, you’ll be rewarded with a few Phantasmal Fragments and hear a short monologue from Yuka, Sai Mota’s Ghost. For more help finding the exact route to the dead Ghost, check out this video from YouTuber WoW Quests.