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Destiny 2 Loaded Question Countdown to Zero quest guide | Vanguard Pinnacle Fusion Rifle

Loaded Question is a legendary Fusion Rifle added to Destiny 2 back in Season 5, near the end of 2018. Like other Pinnacle weapons, getting Loaded Question requires completing a lengthy quest, but you’re rewarded with a Masterworked weapon with a unique, curated perk set. It’s a great weapon for clearing groups of enemies in PvE and for one-bursting combatants in PvP, which means many Guardians still have their eyes on this gun almost a year after its release. Luckily, Loaded Question is still obtainable in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, so we’re bringing this Destiny 2 Loaded Question guide to all the new or returning players wondering how to complete the Countdown to Zero quest.

Destiny 2 | How to get Loaded Question

Destiny 2 how to get loaded question

Picking up Loaded Question’s quest, Countdown to Zero, is straightforward: Simply go to Commander Zavala at the Tower and grab the quest from the “Pursuits” section at the bottom of his vendor UI. The quest costs nothing, so you won’t need to worry about having enough glimmer or legendary shards to obtain it. The quest itself is straightforward, too, but it’ll take significantly more effort to complete it.

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In order to complete Countdown to Zero, you’ll have to complete 40 Nightfalls and/or strikes, get 1,000 Arc kills in Nightfalls and strikes, and get 500 Fusion Rifle kills in Nightfalls and strikes. This can take quite some time, but there are a few things you can do to make the process a little quicker:

  • Use an Arc subclass the entire time you’re working on the 1,000 Arc kills.
  • Equip an Arc Fusion rifle in your energy slot until you’ve reached 500 Fusion Rifle kills. After that, switch to the Riskrunner Exotic SMG, which has a chain lightning ability that can help you get large amounts of Arc kills.
  • Use an Arc-damage heavy weapon.

Destiny 2 | Loaded Question perk roll

Destiny 2 loaded question perk roll

Once you complete all the Countdown to Zero quest steps, Zavala will give you a fully Masterworked version of the gun. Loaded Question has a unique perk called Reservoir Burst, which causes the gun’s charged burst to deal extra damage when the magazine is full. Enemies killed by this burst also explode on death, dealing damage to those around them. This makes Loaded Question effective for add-clearing in PvE, and a Reservoir Burst shot can kill a Guardian if just three bolts hit in PvP.