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Destiny 2 Fallen Council Location | Wandering Nightmares Triumph

With the launch of a new expansion like Destiny 2: Shadowkeep comes many optional activities for players to chase, such as the Lectern of Enchantment side quests and every completionist’s nightmare (no pun intended): Triumphs. One of Shadowkeep‘s hidden Triumphs requires players to defeat four Wandering Nightmares, special Nightmare bosses that spawn at particular points on the Moon. Each week since the expansion launched, a Nightmare has appeared, and this week’s Nightmare is the Fallen Council. If you’re in the mood for some dream-killing, we’ve got the perfect Destiny 2 Fallen Council location guide for you.

Destiny 2 Fallen Council Nightmare location

Destiny 2 fallen council location

The Fallen Council Nightmares can be found in a lowered, barren area in the southernmost part of the Archer’s Line. Head to the point on the map above (where the green player arrow icon is), and you’ll see the glowing red clouds of the Council near a cliff below. Head up to the clouds and interact with them to begin the Nightmare fight.

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How to beat the Fallen Council Nightmares in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 fallen council how to beat

Rather than a single, powerful boss, the Fallen Council is actually a group of three yellow-bar Nightmares: Loronvis, Seresis, and Rovikis. These three Fallen (two Vandals and a Dreg) are armed with a set of blades, a Fallen “Wire Rifle” sniper, and a Dreg’s sidearm. Along with the three main Nightmare bosses, large numbers of Shanks — both Tracer and normal — will spawn, peppering Guardians with Arc fire. Given the Nightmares’ level-980 power and the many additional Shanks, this fight can be quite the struggle for solo Guardians, so you may want to bring some friends along. Luckily, since the Nightmares spawn in the overworld, you can die and respawn as many times as you want (as long as you defeat them before they disappear). If you’re having trouble, check out this footage from YouTuber WhiteDecay, which shows some of the strategies you may want to use when taking on the Fallen Council trio.

If you’ve kept up with the last three week’s Wandering Nightmares, defeating the Council will complete the Wandering Nightmares Triumph. Selecting it in your Triumphs menu will award you with the unique Moonshot Ghost shell.