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Modern Warfare Night Maps Removed Patch | What update will bring night maps back?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward announced it is removing all night maps from the multiplayer rotation. With Modern Warfare night maps removed, players will not be able to play night mode in multiplayer until they are added back into the game at a later date. This leaves players wondering: What update will bring night maps back to Modern Warfare? Read the guide below for all known information about the removal of night maps.

Why were night maps removed from Modern Warfare?

Why were night maps removed from Modern Warfare_

When it announced the night maps’ removal on Twitter, Infinity Ward did not say why it decided to disable them. Many posts on the Modern Warfare Reddit, however, reveal some fans were not pleased with night maps’ low visibility, asking Infinity Ward to include an option to prevent them from showing up in quick play. Some players reported that people were quitting out of night maps when they spawned in. Perhaps Infinity Ward saw this feedback and the number of players quitting and decided the maps needed to be removed from the regular rotation. Infinity Ward did say that they will return at later in their own, separate night mode playlist, which indicates they may have been removed purely as a quick fix to satisfy players who were not enjoying the maps.

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In addition to removing night maps from the standard quick play rotation, Infinity Ward also announced it would be removing the minimap from hardcore mode. Judging by the comments left on this Reddit thread by Infinity Ward staff member dmickner, it seems as though the inclusion of the minimap in the first place may have been a mistake, though dmnicker did not say so directly.

When will night maps be added back into Modern Warfare?

When will night maps be added back into Modern Warfare_

While it did not specify why night maps were removed, Infinity Ward said a night mode playlist will be coming to Modern Warfare in the future. Infinity Ward did not specify when this would be happening, however, saying only that the night mode playlist will arrive “at a later time.” We will update this guide as Infinity Ward releases more information about the night maps patch.

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