Box art - The Outer Worlds

When is The Outer Worlds DLC release date?

The Outer Worlds DLC will more than likely be released at some point in the future, given the positive reception for Obsidian’s new RPG. But when is The Outer Worlds DLC release date? After you’ve finished your adventures with the base game, when will Obsidian debut more quests and more planets to explore?

The Outer Worlds DLC release date

The release date for The Outer Worlds DLC has yet to be confirmed, but there are clues that DLC is being planned in the game itself. In your ship’s map, there are some planets in the Halcyon system that you can’t explore even after the game has ended. This suggests that these planets could become available in DLC.

While some of the planets are deemed unsuitable for human life, there are others that seem like they could be traveled to, even if the game doesn’t let you do so. There’s also the possibility that The Outer Worlds DLC would allow players to travel to another star system and explore brand new planets with different ecosystems and characters, though this could perhaps be too grand an idea for DLC and would instead be reserved for a sequel.

With that being said, there’s plenty to do in The Outer Worlds base game, with it taking roughly 30 hours to complete on a first playthrough. There’s also a ton of replayability, with Obisidian allowing players to experience multiple endings, along with its various branching dialog paths providing a number of outcomes for any given scenario.

Though Obsidian hasn’t mentioned if it plans to release The Outer Worlds DLC, if sales of the game are impressive enough, it will surely receive some extra content in the vein of the Fallout series and their multiple DLC expansions. With the game also being available on Game Pass, we imagine plenty of players will be jumping into The Outer Worlds across the weekend, so hopefully, impressive player numbers will encourage an expansion or two further down the line.