Are there collectibles in Modern Warfare 2019?

After being absent from Black Ops 4, the iconic Call of Duty single-player campaign makes its triumphant return in the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare. It’s a dark reimagining of 2007’s original game which doesn’t shy away from the horrors of modern-day conflict, though while making your way through the solo story mode you might be wondering whether you need to concern yourself with searching for any hidden items. Here’s what you need to know about Modern Warfare 2019 collectibles and whether they’re in Infinity Ward’s most recent game.

Does Modern Warfare 2019 have collectibles?

Modern Warfare 2019 collectibles

While the original Modern Warfare trilogy universally tasked players with finding forms of enemy intelligence throughout the campaign, generally in exchange for achievements, the 2019 reboot doesn’t follow suit. In the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there are no campaign collectibles requiring players to thoroughly search levels.

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While some have been left disappointed by their omission, citing that they now have less reason to fully explore and best absorb the latest Call of Duty entry, others are glad to see the back of them as now they can focus squarely on the action and narrative. The lack of collectibles certainly makes for a tighter campaign, which should last players around five or six hours before they transition into the game’s main course of competitive multiplayer and cooperative Spec Ops missions.

With developer Infinity Ward keen to make this 2019 iteration of Modern Warfare grittier and more true to life, the decision was likely made in order to better immerse players in the role of a military operative. Structurally it’s more focused now that players have little reason to stray from their A.I. teammates and the objective at hand, whereas once they’d have been running off to scour unsuspecting nooks and crannies for questionably hidden laptops.

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