How to activate 2x XP Tokens in Modern Warfare 2019?

If you’ve been getting stuck into Infinity Ward and Activision’s newest entry in the world’s most popular first-person shooter franchise (Call of Duty), and specifically its competitive multiplayer suite, you might be wondering how you can utilize Modern Warfare 2019 2x XP Tokens to get the most out of every point you earn. Whether you’re playing a support role in the new objective-based Ground War mode or going all guns blazing in the free-for-all playlist, here’s how you can maximize your earnings to level up and earn new items faster.

How do you get double XP Tokens in Modern Warfare 2019?

Modern Warfare 2019 2x XP Tokens

First things first, you need to earn some in-game 2x XP Tokens before you can make use of them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Beat certain Modern Warfare campaign missions
  • Beat specific challenges in multiplayer
  • Redeem codes from promotional packs of Doritos and Mountain Dew on the Call of Duty website

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How do you use double XP Tokens in Modern Warfare 2019?

Now that you have some 2x XP Tokens, here’s how to make use of them:

  • Head to the multiplayer menu and start matchmaking in your chosen playlist
  • Note that in the bottom right portion of the screen there’s a prompt to press L3
  • Press the left stick in to be taken to the XP Token menu
  • Here you can navigate the list of available Token and activate one or multiple at the same time
  • A countdown timer will display the total 2x XP time you have remaining

Remember that the clock will continue to tick down even if you stop playing Modern Warfare, so only activate as many Token as necessary to match the length of your current play session. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting Tokens and also missing out on your full earning potential.

It’s also worth noting that Tokens can be activated from the Spec Ops menu in the same way, but currently, XP rewards aren’t being paid out for the co-op mode so that would be a waste. Rewards for Spec Ops are scheduled to be added in November 2019.

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