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Modern Warfare Level 1 Weapon Bug | How to fix reset guns

After putting in the hard work to level up your weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) multiplayer, it’s an absolute nightmare scenario to boot up the game and discover that the grind has been all for naught. For some people, however, that nightmare has become a reality. If you’ve encountered the Modern Warfare level 1 weapon bug you’re probably wondering what, if anything, can be done to fix the issue. Don’t worry yourself too much, as we’re here to help!

Can you fix reset weapons in Modern Warfare 2019?

Modern Warfare level 1 weapon bug

When experienced players view their weapons in the Modern Warfare multiplayer menu, it no doubt comes as a nasty surprise to see everything sat at level one, almost as if they were completely new to the game. Eagle-eyed players might notice that all unlocked attachments are still available, but that would only be a small consolation prize compared to the uphill struggle of getting back to where they once were.

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While this is a glitch that developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision need to address, it isn’t nearly as significant as it first appears. If you’ve fallen victim to the Modern Warfare level 1 weapon bug, all you need to do is equip each affected weapon and gain experience (XP) while using it. This will apply XP at the correct rank and prompt the game to revert back to displaying your firearm levels correctly.

Thankfully, none of your hard work, time, and dedication has been lost. Some players have reported an even simpler fix to be possible, but we weren’t able to replicate it on our end, so your mileage may vary. A few have found success getting levels to display properly just by resetting their console or PC, cutting out the need for a lot of weapon switching, though, again, resetting isn’t a guaranteed solution in our experience.

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