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Overwatch | Your friends list is empty error fix

Overwatch is still trucking along, despite the news of Overwatch 2. With loads of players constantly online looking to team up with their friends, any kind of error can cause a major disturbance within the community. Unfortunately, a new Overwatch error is appearing, sending players a message reading “your friends list is empty.” This begs the question, is there a fix for the Overwatch friends list error?

Overwatch Friends List Error | Is there a fix?

If you’re encountering this error, then you’re not alone. It seems that a fairly large portion of the community is dealing with this too. Blizzard has taken to Twitter to address the problem, posting two hours ago that they were aware of the issue and apologized for any conveniences it has caused players.

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An hour later, the Twitter account followed up with another post saying that they were still working on the issue and are “working to resolve this ASAP.”

It seems that the Overwatch friends list error is essentially showing players that their friends list is empty. As Overwatch is a team-focused game, this can obviously be a big issue, since some teams are made up of different friend groups.

However, in the meantime, there does seem to be a workaround that players have found useful. If you’ve played with a friend recently and would like to play with them again, simply navigate to the “recent players” menu and invite your friend to a game. This will avoid the “your friends list is empty” error message and will serve as a fix for the time being.

Going forward, the best way to keep tabs on a fix for the Overwatch friends list error is to check the Blizzard Twitter account. It has been active thus far on keeping the community updated on their progress with the fix, so going forward you can expect to find more information there.