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Death Stranding Can’t Access Garage or Fabricate Vehicle error help

If you can’t access Garage menus in Death Stranding and you’re not able to fabricate vehicles, then you’re going to feel a bit stuck. Once unlocked, bikes and trucks provide a fast means of travel, and it’s easy to get accustomed to that way of life. Cruising down a road in Death Stranding, skipping over the rough terrain, is just too good. Unfortunately, you’ll sometimes find that the Garage option is grayed out and fabricating vehicles isn’t an option. Here’s what’s causing the “error.”

Why can’t I access my garage in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding Can't Access Garage

If there is no vehicle available in a Garage, you’ll find that the option is grayed out. While garages will often be populated with vehicles that you yourself have fabricated, in addition to your fellow players via the game’s online system, they are sometimes empty.

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What’s more, during certain moments in the story, the Garage option will become unavailable. This is presumably during times where the developer wants the player to endure a journey on foot, which would be ruined if a vehicle was available to just skip through it all.

Why can’t I fabricate a vehicle in Death Stranding?

If you haven’t yet added an area to the Chiral Network, certain functions will be limited. This can include fabricating vehicles. If you’re unable to choose the fabricate vehicle option, despite being in at a location with a Garage, then you likely haven’t progressed enough in the story. Check your current Order and continue with your objectives.

Another reason why you might not be able to fabricate a vehicle is when there aren’t enough materials available. The limited resources available at each location means a limited number of vehicles that can be fabricated.

One other reason for you not being able to fabricate vehicles is when the developer has deliberately locked the feature down during the current story mission. You may be required to proceed on foot.

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